Kanti - Spiritual Touch
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„If you want to experience yourself as light, we first need to surround you with darkness so that you can see the difference.“

One year ago, I started to be interested in meditation and working with energy in the body, but I did not have enough courage to put my knowledge into practice after the first tantric massage workshop. Thanks to this, I had a lot of time to understand myself more deeply and get closer to my essence thanks to various practices. I believe that there are no coincidences in life and that’s how it was supposed to be and my tantric practice begins in Munich. By carrying out sessions, I am constantly learning, developing knowledge and practice, remembering that I am a student and a teacher at the same time.


Ich biete: Tantra Massagen für ihn ab 1,5 Stunden


Zur Terminbuchung oder bei Fragen zu meiner Tantramassage stehe ich dir gerne telefonisch oder per E-Mail zur Verfügung: Kanti.bliss@protonmail.com oder +49 174 3586764




  • Tantric Massage Training, Academy of Sexual Health, Warsaw, Poland


  • Tantramassage Ausbildung Level 1, Spiritual Touch


  • Awakening the power of the tantric Shaman disrupting the path to awake intuition, Tantra&Shaman School of Anand Rudra, Warsaw, Poland


„Liebe Kanti, Du hast mir heute mit Deinem außergewöhnlichen Einfühlungsvermögen, viel liebevoller Herzenswärme, Freude und sehr feinem Gespür für Deine tantrische Energiearbeit drei unvergessliche Stunden geschenkt! Ebenso von Herzen Danke dafür! GLG, Peter“

At the beginning I was nervous, especially when I met Kanti. She is beautiful with her currly hair and sparkling blue eyes, this makes the whole experience even more a dream that came true (I didn’t even know, that I had this dream) . As sad I was nervous, she feels that perfectly and makes sure that your hart rate goes down by touching you very gently and soft. The way she was touching me, the way she was talking to me, the way she looked at me was at such a way that I never experienced before. She was accepting me for who I am. I wanted to look at her and talk to her, but the only thing that I could do is close my eyes and keep my studdering mouth shut, and enjoy the massage. Every tiny inch of your body will be touched, she varies from very soft (almost tickles – which I liked) to harder but not to hard. At the end of the tantra massage, she gave me a short head / face massage, that was such a relaxing closure of this wonderful experience. When I walked outside I immediately felt the energy that she gave me. I was so in the clouds with my mind, that I forgot to put my shoes on, lucky Kanti was sharp and reminded me for my shoes. You have sad your going to follow more tantra trainings, I can’t imagine that it can be even better. Hope to see / experience this again with you somewhere later this year. A very big thanks to you!!!